Cheet online viewers for

Cheet online viewers for is already available for everyone! Right now you can buy viewers for your Kick stream. Viewers are included along with chatbots.

History of platform is a relatively new platform, it was created primarily for those who stream casinos. The platform was created as an answer to Twitch on their bans and bans. The main sponsor of the project is of course the crypto-casino Stake. It is actively recruiting new streamers to promote its brand, so hurry up! viewers are recruited only from authorized accounts, from connected accounts you will be able to write to yourself in chat.

Chatbots for, first option

The first option of chatbots, you prepare a txt file with prepared phrases, each phrase on 1 line, an example of the contents of the file: Hi how are you? Hello to all! Hi Hi! Important! Save the txt-file in the UTF-8 encoding. You can do it if you click “Save as” in a text editor and choose the desired encoding. In the screenshot below you can see how this option looks like. chat bots for

Chatbots for, second option

The second option allows you to write in real time on behalf of any bot you choose. You’ll have a separate block in the recruiting panel where you can select a bot and write directly into the chat. How is it more convenient? You can reply to the user in the chat at any time on possible accusations of cheating viewers. This method is considered the most popular, because it allows you to solve many problems with activity in the chat. Cheet online viewers for You can give a quick link to your manager, and he can serve your chat while you stream. This is very convenient.

How do I buy viewer recruitment for

First of all you need to register on our site. Then on the main page of your personal cabinet you will see a block “Add a channel”, put a link to your channel into it, and click “Add”. Great, the channel is added! Cheet online viewers for Now you need to recharge your balance, to do this, click “plus” or the “Recharge” button in the header of the site. Go to the service “Kick viewers”, select the appropriate rate, select your channel in the drop-down list, and click “Select”. Congratulations you have bought viewer add-on for! You activated the panel for the channel, now open the page “Your channels”, select your channel, the control panel will open in front of you, you can manage the recruitment.